Kappa Beta Gamma is going to give you more than just a degree, it is a lifetime of friendship, support and empowerment. KBΓ is the only International sorority at the University of Lethbridge. We have over 20 different chapters throughout Canada and the United States! This means that everything we do is for more than just us. We have hundreds of women striving towards the same goals everyday. Hundreds of women becoming leaders and accomplishing incredible things. We have support from women all over North America, and it really is something inexplicable. 
Alpha Iota upholds a high level of expectations for our sisters. We are always pushing and supporting each other to do more, and step out of that comfort zone. Alpha Iota sisters put in over 360 hours of community service per semester and we are always encouraging more. All of our sisters are required to uphold a GPA of 2.0. We have study hours and a scholarship chair to help those that need it with school and studying. We are constantly supporting exemplary scholastic performance. As a KBΓ sister at the University of Lethbridge you are given a chance to become a big sister! Check out our 'big little program' page for more information. You also have the opportunity to win scholarships and awards. There are ample leadership roles available within our chapter, as well as outside it. When you graduate as a Kappa, the leadership opportunities do not end. You have opportunities to be involved in an abundance of roles and leadership positions. 
So you ask again? Why Kappa? Because Kappa will give you unmeasurable amounts of support, friends and most importantly... SISTERS! We encourage you to come out during rush week to meet our sister, it is a lot easier to show you, than to tell you!