As an international organization, Kappa Beta Gamma values high scholarship and we set GPA requirements for each of our members. The women support each other in their academics and we do everything we can to help all members reach our GPA goals.


One of the most amazing things that Kappa Beta Gamma has to offer is the big little program! When you become a new member candidate of KBΓ, our sisterhood chair will pair you with one of our active sisters! Pairing is based on personalities, hobbies, majors and much more! This sister will become your BIG! Your big will be your mentor throughout greek life, university life, and anything else you may need. You can count on your sister to lead you, study with you and of course, spoil you! She will be your go to girl for anything that you may need. 

"Having a big is like finding your person that you didn't know you needed" - Jasmine & Logan

"A big is an older sister I've never had" - Cayley & Emily